Week 1 in Taiwan – Culture Shock

Charlotte H.Lawrence

Throwback to May 2018

Picture this; last May, Salford University Library, exhausted; half flicking through my University emails, half trying to plough and few chapters of ‘How Nokia Failed to Nail the Smartphone Market’, slurping away at my iced-Americano, (probably moaning at how much of a joke my commute home is), and seconds away from closing my laptop until…

I receive an email reminder, notifying me about the Post-graduate Careers Fair at 4pm. It was now 3:45pm…..hmm…I’ll pass.

….15 minutes later (after a dramatic/ thorough episode of contemplation, I kid you not) I find myself stood in front of a stall; 2 big Chinese banners either side, speaking to Rosey, representative of Intern China, telling me about their Scholarship program.

Fast forward 7 months; in Taiwan, sat in a restaurant, 3 unfamiliar dishes in front of me; confused, curious, half attempting to eat with chopsticks, half contemplating whether I should ask…

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Author: charlottehlawrence

Hello! As the title reads, here's a short (long) introduction about myself. ~MUSIC I am a busy bee living and enjoying post- graduate life in Manchester; passionate about music, Manchester's music scene and everything Manchester has to offer. I am a singer-songwriter and musician playing and performing around the writing blocks and the hustle and bustle of Manchester's vibrant creative scene. I am also an events assistant at MMINE (Manchester Music Industry Networking Events) Radio Liaison officer at Sonderfest, and a general helper outer at MWCG (Manchester Women Songwriters Collective Group) - their 'Instagram Queen' so they tell me! ~BOOKS Apart from the music stuff, I am an English Literature and Drama graduate from the University Of Salford. It's fair to say that I have read my share of thick novels and over-bearing Shakespearean plays over the past three years; most of which I enjoyed, some I would place cosily on a high bookshelf with the hope never to see again. Classics are my favourite; the hard-to-read, fatigue inflicting, unnecessarily descriptive novels- I think stemmed from watching BBC period dramas as an early teen and imagining the scenes I obsessed over as I went along. I plan to read so much more! ~TRAVEL As with most people, I love a good weekend away. I love booking flights to my bucket list destinations and delving into the food, (yes always food first),and drink and culture of different places. I still demand the window seat, and I still continue to drink from the terrible selection of wines these plan companies have to offer. South America and Thailand are my next big adventures. 🚲🚲🚲 Anyhow~ Here's an introduction about myself and my interests. I plan to post weekly about my music, reading and travelling adventures and about anything else which brings me to 'pick up a pen.' Stay tuned and thank you for reading x X

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