Day 5- 12-hour Road Trip from Kerala to Bangalore

After a buffet breakfast, we checked out of the boathouse and prepared ourselves for yet another long car journey.

A morning of ‘sight-seeing’ was scheduled in the itinerary; leading us to envisage a leisurely stroll around a few temples nearby.

Day 5 of the itinerary- spent in the car, ‘sight-seeing’ or (taking advantage of the viewpoints from the car window).

‘Things to do in a 12-hour car journey without WiFi;’ sleep, read, eat, listen to Spotify downloads on repeat. But there’s only much music you can play before it starts grinding on you. That’s pretty much all that happened throughout the journey. Nick on the other hand, was smart enough to have packed a game-boy, a power bank as well as having downloaded a Netflix series beforehand. And so I watched him alternate between the two in-between feeling somewhat envious of his forward thinking.

A sing-along to a Mary Poppins song; ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’; myself mimicking Mary Poppins, Nick; Bert, David listening awkwardly in the back. Our over-use of words over the last 24 hours had resorted us to communicate through the means of a Disney musical. Ten minutes of singing, the play-list navigating towards the soprano range, Nick not being able to keep up (naturally); our singing collaboration came to a sharp end.  We bought a few snacks to spice things up; butter biscuits, some Indian coriander nibbles, chocolate bars, and sugary drinks; there for comfort, to ease the boredom of the remaining hours ahead. At one point, Nick put his favorite radio show on the main speaker in the car; Mitchell and Web; Apparently too ‘high brow’ for me, and granted, I’ll take Nick’s comment, preferring instead a less refined, low-comedy sort of style if it means dodging the awful sound waves emitting from the speaker from that moment in time.


After a full 12 hours in the car, we arrived at the Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore. Bangalore, or Bengaluru, is the capital of the South Indian State of Karnataka.  The third most populated city in India (with a population of over 10 million), it was very cosmopolitan in character with lots of skyscrapers, office blocks, restaurants, and bars. Going from Madurai to Bangalore was quite a jump; like going from a small town anywhere in England to London city.

The remainder of the wedding celebrations were to take place in Bangalore; Nam’s home town. It is traditional in Indian weddings for the wedding celebrations to take place in both the bride and groom’s hometowns. This meant that family and friend’s from Nam’s side, unable to make the trip to Madurai, could celebrate with her in Bangalore instead.

Late check-in; by this point, it was 9pm, ourselves relieved at the thought of getting ‘re-connected’ again; finally putting an end to enduring one another for a short while.  Costing, 3000 IRN per night (£30) it was value for money, and having a double room to myself, I couldn’t complain. In the evening, we decided to ‘Westernize ourselves out with a Pizza Hut.

On reflection, our Wi-Fi free few days were insightful; bringing many realities to the surface. No.1 reality being; my ‘off-line’ Spotify playlist. It’s terrible. I know now to flower it up next time should I endure another unvoluntary digital detox episode again. I was very excited to see Nam and Sid.

Author: charlottehlawrence

Hello! As the title reads, here's a short (long) introduction about myself. ~MUSIC I am a busy bee living and enjoying post- graduate life in Manchester; passionate about music, Manchester's music scene and everything Manchester has to offer. I am a singer-songwriter and musician playing and performing around the writing blocks and the hustle and bustle of Manchester's vibrant creative scene. I am also an events assistant at MMINE (Manchester Music Industry Networking Events) Radio Liaison officer at Sonderfest, and a general helper outer at MWCG (Manchester Women Songwriters Collective Group) - their 'Instagram Queen' so they tell me! ~BOOKS Apart from the music stuff, I am an English Literature and Drama graduate from the University Of Salford. It's fair to say that I have read my share of thick novels and over-bearing Shakespearean plays over the past three years; most of which I enjoyed, some I would place cosily on a high bookshelf with the hope never to see again. Classics are my favourite; the hard-to-read, fatigue inflicting, unnecessarily descriptive novels- I think stemmed from watching BBC period dramas as an early teen and imagining the scenes I obsessed over as I went along. I plan to read so much more! ~TRAVEL As with most people, I love a good weekend away. I love booking flights to my bucket list destinations and delving into the food, (yes always food first),and drink and culture of different places. I still demand the window seat, and I still continue to drink from the terrible selection of wines these plan companies have to offer. South America and Thailand are my next big adventures. 🚲🚲🚲 Anyhow~ Here's an introduction about myself and my interests. I plan to post weekly about my music, reading and travelling adventures and about anything else which brings me to 'pick up a pen.' Stay tuned and thank you for reading x X

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